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Knowledge Assets Development, Inc. (KADI) provides software based training, and hands on project assistance for what-if process planning.  KADI works with applications that are first and foremost in ease of use for easily creating process maps that are of presentation quality and effective for communicating information about the process. Some of the product features and capabilities that make KADI selected tools a valuable continuous improvement tool include the following:
Create a Picture of the Process:
Horizontal lines of visibility for inter or intra departmental visibility of processes which result in a view of the processes in your organizational structure.
Process maps are created graphically (as Flow Charts).
Alternatively, process maps can be created or modified in the  Tabular View with process steps being entered as text (without requiring graphical placement).
Simulation-Create Process Models and Scenarios to do "What If" Scenario Planning
Simulation capabilities allow you to build a process model and simulate a process flow and then do "what if" analysis.  With this capability, users can assign time values, define process relationships, process hierarchy and/or cost attributes to processes to find hidden and/or critical opportunities for process improvements.
The Trace feature allows the user to view the process while the simulation is running, thus enabling graphical visualization of the process flow. This is extremely useful in finding bottlenecks, resource contention, or other potential opportunities for improvements.
Reporting capabilities allow you to view meaningful custom statistics from process scenarios including present, proposed and any or all related what-if analysis.
Cycle Time, Costs, Value Analysis, Resource Utilization. Bottlenecks, Completion Counts
Areas of an enterprise that have used process maps to increase process visibility and improve performance include: Process Development Projects, Resource Utilization & Cycle Time, Project focused cross functional teams, Response to Customer Demand, Value Chain Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis, Order Fulfillment Analysis, Manufacturing-Flow & Batch, New Product Development & Introduction, Process Based Cost Analysis, ISO and Six Sigma projects, Call Center development, Transportation Processes, CRM, HR processes and more.
Knowledge Assets Development has conducted  workshops and worked with clients on specific projects.  I look forward to having the opportunity to increase the necessary "what-if" planning skills necessary for rapid continuous improvement projects.
Improving Performance via What-If Process Planning
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